Survival 1.360a

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Survival 1.360a
Тип: Survival

This map filled with different rpg elements (such as item crafting and commander being able to promote other players and do other things like that). This map is recommended to play with 12 players (because it's more fun that way ^^), but can be played with less amount of players or you can even play it alone. Oh and please don't let the empty minimap to fool you. This map is somehow like Hero Survival / RPG, but even that doesn't tell everything about this map. Try it out with more than 1 player and have fun =D

Features of the current version:
* Being able to be commander. (only 1 player at the same time)
* Earn military ranks.
* 5 secondary skills: (orange boxes which you can pick from ground, you can only get 1 of them)
* Each secondary skill may contain up to 11 sub-skills, some of them having a bit less.
* Mining Pick (being able to get resources)
* Medical Kit (being able to make hp/mp restoring potions + defense/speed/invisibility potions, being able to heal yourself and other players)
* Archeology Tools (being able to find rare items, being able to cast spells)
* Construction Tools (being able to construct buildings)
* Alchemy Kit (Being able to make potions)
* 3 planets + battleship map.
* Huge number of items which you can find or produce with secondary skills and knowledge skill.
* You can earn level ups to each secondary skill. (+to crafting / energy storage)
* Save/Load system saves your points and your rank.
12.06.2010, 07:45
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