Shonen Wars v.1.3

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Shonen Wars v.1.3
Тип: AoS

Map Description
This map is an AoS style map based on Shonen Animes such as (D.Gray man, Shakugan No Shana, Fairy Tail, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Full Metal Alchemist, many more...). There is great variety of diffrent sort of items in the map. Heroes will be added more later on, same goes for quests and Items.

You may pick out of 12 available heroes, do over 17 Item recipes, over 20 basic items. Game is based on 3 line AoS where mobs push, every 30 second of the game, there is 3 tower lines before the base. When base gets down, you win. The 5v5 is recommended or 2v2 incase you want to duel.

Available Modes: -Sm (Shortmode), -usm (Ultra Short Mode), -id (item Drop), -dm# (Death Match), -ar (All Random).
Commands: -ms (Movement Speed) -Mb (Multiboard) -ma (Matchup)
19.09.2010, 08:09
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