Jedi Arena v2.0f+

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Jedi Arena v2.0f+
Авторы: Conlan

Тип: Hero Arena

Jedi Arena is a highly-customized Warcraft III map where Players choose one of the 3 Jedi or Sith classes -each with a unique play style and special force powers- and fight against each other in a fully-custom gameplay with manual actions, and in one of the 3 different game modes.

 Game Features:

 - Highly-customized manual -yet easy- attack system, block system and a jump system, with custom attack and block sounds, 
 - 3 Different modes, providing different gameplay experiences; Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, 
 - 3 Classes with both Jedi and Sith versions with their own character models, each class with 4 unique force powers/abilities, with their own combos and play styles, 
 - 8 Lightsaber colors to choose from, 
 - 7 Lightsaber Crystals, each with their own unique enchantments and special effects, 
 - A Kill Spree system with custom sounds, 
 - Kill Bounties are proportional with choosen Points Goal (which is required to achieve victory), making the game even more balanced, 
 - A Star Wars music, 
 - An advanced multiboard, 
 - Random weather effects, 
 - A game experience which requires pure skill instead of luck or auto-attacking.
14.06.2010, 07:48
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