Enfo's TS: MT Edition 1.93

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Enfo's TS: MT Edition 1.93
Enfo's TS: MT Edition 1.93
Авторы: MT Team

Тип: Defense, Survival

Версия: 1.93 от 30.10.11

Язык: Английский

Игроков: 1-10

Площадь: 160x160 / 160x160

Ландшафт: Город
Изменения 1.93
- Bard's Nexus had its cooldown increased.
- Cabalist's Naphta now properly reduces attack speed.
- Cleric's Aesrela Everild had its damage increased.
- Enthropist's Ring of Spears had its cooldown, damage and mana cost increased and duration slightly decreased.
- Moon Mage's Burn now works properly with Glythtide's Gift.
- Ranger's See the Wind had its critical chance slightly increased.
- Summoner's Anti-Magic Shell now has 75k life.
- Tempest's Burst had its damage and duration reduced and cooldown increased.
- Tempest's Paeldryth's Wrath now deals proper damage (which was slightly reduced) and works correctly with Magic Reistant monters.
- Time Mage's Time Lapse had its cooldown reworked and duration slightly decreased.
- Trader's Guild Shop now won't sell Healing Potions at 1st level.
- Troll Cannibal now won't cast Spiritual Swarm (from Revenant) twice at the same time.
- Warlock's Disrupt was fixed.
- Warlock's Spellcurse now properly silences all magical skills.
- Weaponsmith's Forge had its cooldown increased.
- Weaponsmith's Strength per level was decreased.

- Polished Elven Telo had its price reduced.

- Random Mode should be properly working with banned heroes now.
- Extra Bounty now can't be set above 5.
- New game mode: -perfection

- HP boost bug was fixed.
- HCL should be properly working now.

- Wave 25 (Shadow Drakes) now don't deal damage to allied monsters.
- Wave 35 (Poloh'izh) now have Beastslay when summoned by Darkrift.
01.11.2011, 07:52
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