Custom Hero Footies v4.0

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Custom Hero Footies v4.0
Custom Hero Footies v4.0
Авторы: Bond009

Тип: Arena, Footmen War

Версия: 4.0 от 22.02.12

Язык: Английский

Игроков: Все

Площадь: 64x64 / 52x52

Ландшафт: Город
Моды в игре:
  • Normal (стандартный мод, 4 либо 3 команды)
  • Top vs Bottom (2 команды по 6)
  • Early full mass
  • Super Sudden Death
  • Start with or without Base Protection
  • All Random Skills Mode
  • Capture the Flag Mode
  • Footies TD Mode
  • All Sheep Hero Mode

Основные характеристики:
  • Saving code to track your Win's and unlock perks and secrets in game. (doesn't make imba) Now also tracks Total Hero/Unit killed stats.
  • Balanced gameplay: almost every unit, hero, and ability has been rebalanced.
  • A VERY intense custom AI system
  • My famous "base pet" to help with mana regen
  • 61 heroes to choose - Most of which are Fully Customizable
  • Max Hero level of 20, with standard abilities going to level 6 and ultimate's to level 3.
  • Different Hero combination's is aprox. 105,386
  • I made some 100% custom and original spells
  • Can now -repick from spell pick area without losing start items
  • New store with new items in base when playing CTF Mode
  • Improved healing/shopping area in the corners.
  • Tons of items and recipes to choose from.
  • Special base shielding rune for a last stand of defense.
  • -PK, showing Hero kills and Unit kills
  • Early Mass at Dawn player vote system
  • If player leaves team gets gold and full share auto
  • When player leaves game, units remain to micro (Also) full control over left-players gold (See Commands)
  • A nice AFK command system to give full shared (-test afk)
  • LOTS of secret single player Debug codes to make game-play faster/easier for playing or debugging (in F9)
  • Special** Unit Battle XP to lvl up unit in battle and unit Rankings
  • 9 New Secret Heros to unlock with wins code!
  • Super fast load time, and very clean triggers with no leaks for smooth game play :)
  • For more information on version changes, credits and other stuff see Map Info(F9) in-game or site.

Команды для хоста

-No Unit XP (Disables all Unit XP and Rank level gaining)
-AI (When playing with Computers this will make them 'Mass at Dawn' and get heroes and upgrades etc.)
-Mix Races (After -AI is typed this will make random races)
-Reset Repick or -RR (This will reset the repick command to give players another chance at getting a custom hero, if they don't want a stock abilities hero.) *only works twice*
-Rocks (Adds the middle Rock guys in the starting of the game.)
-No SG (Turns off the Win Stats Gold given to players with Stats Code.*type within first 110 secs of game*)
-6vs6 (Makes game top 6 vs bottom 6 players)
-Vote (Takes player tally for 3v3's or 6v6)
-Mass (Calls for a vote once more if the vote wasn't Early Mass)
-No Pet Owner (Win Stats wont become pet owner)
-Trap Pet (Traps pet in team base for first 8 mins of game)
-No Mind Rape (Removes Mind Rape ability from the game)
-No WW (Removes WindWalk ability from the game)
-No Base Protection or -NBP (Removes base shield protection)
-SSD (Supper Sudden Death mode, sets Hero xp rate 300%)
-ARS (All Random Skills Mode, all heros will have random skills given)
-CTF (Calls a Vote on "Capture the Flag" Mode)
-FTD (Calls a Vote on "Footies TD" Mode)
-CRT (Calls a Vote on "Clone Random Team" Mode)
-SFX off (Turns off killing sounds eg. "Double Kill!")
-Pool Off (Turns off sharing gold so players cant pool)

Команды для всех

-Full Share (Will allow you to give FULL shared units to the allies u already have shared units checked for in F11.)
-Gold 'color' (When a team player has Left the game this command will give you that 'left' players gold. ex. "-gold blue")
-Kill 'color' (When a team player has Left the game and u don't want his units, this command will kill all his units. ex. "-kill blue")
-Repick (Will allow you to get a different Hero Once, drop items first.)
-MS (Tells you your Heros Movement Speed)
-Zoom 1k-2.5k (Zooms your camera out or in, exp. -zoom 2000)
-Stats (shows all players winning stats, a way to rank who's pr0!)
-SS ('Show Stats' shows a list of players total wins, also total saved Hero and Unit kills)
-Avg (Show Stats averages of HK's and UK's per win for all players with a code)
-Test afk (does a 3 min test on your team mates, if ones afk you get their gold and full control)
-PK ('Player Kills' shows a list of players total Hero/Unit kills)
-Clear (clears your screen of text)
-No TK (No Team Kill, when typed doesnt let your allies attack your units until you leave game.)
-Team AI (When Comps are on ur team this gives you control)
-Time (Shows you total game time)
-Sheep (If 4 ppl with above 15 wins type this at game start it becomes sheep mode)
-Music (Shows Player the Music Menu *requires 25 wins*)
23.02.2012, 05:52
Комментарии (16)

Гость24.11.2011, 12:25#
Enein24.11.2011, 13:21#
ShinigamiX2224.11.2011, 15:33#
McDark26.11.2011, 06:14#
посмотри внимательно я вижу там 12 может быть спокойно
ShinigamiX2226.11.2011, 14:06#
да, но если присмотреться, карта маленькая, и если 6 команд, то как они распологаться будут??? двое союзников и один из другого союза???
deadgnom3226.11.2011, 14:52#
и да ты прав. 2 союзников 1 противник на точке
deadgnom3226.11.2011, 14:51#
но вообще то теоретически могут. просто не в этом дело. если есть 12 игроков. то тут тупая математика. игра может быть с командами по 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 человек. а там миксуешь. и самое большое колличество команд которое можно получить это 6. значит модет быть 6 команд
Dasty16306.12.2011, 18:03#
4 тимы по 3 человека ок...
Charger06.12.2011, 21:30#
в общем, чисто теоретически я думаю что создатель не дибил, и если игра идёт в 6 команд, то в 1 углу будет максимум 1 представитель любой из команд. Во как умно написал
Enein06.12.2011, 22:05#
6 игроков сверху и 6 снизу, не тупите
Charger07.12.2011, 16:48#
ты не понял, я имел ввиду, что если игра не 2 команды по 6, а 6 команд по 2 человека, то прокатывает моя верса
Enein07.12.2011, 18:08#
такого мода нет
ShinigamiX2207.12.2011, 19:49#
тогда написано неправильно: Top vs Bottom (2 или 6 команд)
deadgnom3207.12.2011, 19:57#
точно. там имелось ввиду
deadgnom3207.12.2011, 19:58#
сообщение не отправилось полностью...
4 команды по 3
2 команды по 6
SUKA20.12.2011, 20:32#
Чо вы затупки такие, команд не 6 а 2...(2 команды по 6 игроков в каждой команде)

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